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Frontier Airlines passengers depart through Terminal A at LaGuardia International Airport. From check-in to boarding, the airline staff will make sure you reach the destination in time with comfort. Thus, it hosts a variety of amenities and services, including retail stores, restaurants, cafes, free internet, lounges, etc., to make your before-flight experience more enjoyable. This blog aims to provide an inside scoop on the Frontier Airlines LGA Terminal. So, if you are departing soon from this platform, do not forget to bookmark our page. 

About Frontier Terminal At LGA Airport

Frontier Terminal at LGA Airport is also known as “The Marine Air Terminal.” It is located on the west side of the airport and serves only a few airlines. The platform also acts as an airline’s arrival and departure terminal. This implies that whether you are flying to a different city or coming home, you are going to land/take off from the same terminal. 

Upon reaching the airport, you can simply follow the directions or use the interactive map to find your way to the terminal building. 

Name of the AirportLaGuardia International Airport
Concerned AirlineFrontier Airlines
Operating Terminal at LGATerminal A (departure and arrival)
AddressesAirline – 4545 Airport Way, Denver, CO
Airport – Queens, NY 11371
TelephoneAirline – WhatsApp on 720-902-3969
Airport – (212) 435-7000
Official WebsiteAirline –
Airport – 

Services Inside The Frontier LaGuardia Airport Terminal

Frontier Terminal at LGA Airport provides a range of services and amenities that are committed to making your travel as comfortable as possible. Whether you are grabbing a quick bite, taking a stroll through clothing stores, or indulging in spa treatment, this terminal offers something for every traveler. Terminal A aims to make the airport delightful from the beginning to the end of your journey. Discover the useful amenities at the airport with us. 

  • Lost And Found

Have you left something on the airline’s terminal? Report it to the Lost and Found department ASAP! Be ready to provide a description of the lost item and its unique features. Such information will help in relocating the property. If the item was last seen on the plane, contact the airline directly for further procedure. 

  • Accessibility Services

Passengers with disability concerns have access to accessibility services and can expect to have a pleasant airport experience. The terminal lets you request mobility assistance such as wheelchair services and other similar accommodations. In short, complete support is offered throughout the airport. Ensure to make timely requests. 

  • Complimentary WiFi

Connect to the terminal internet server to efficiently utilize your time at the airport. Every passenger visiting Frontier Terminal At LGA Airport has access to the free wireless network. Open your WiFi settings and connect to the Free LGA WiFi from the server list. Afterward, select the “Free Unlimited WiFi” option and enjoy scrolling through social media or completing important tasks. 

  • Rental Car And Rideshares

An array of car rentals, vans, and rideshare services are present at the airport. Make hassle-free reservations for such services at the Welcome Center. It is located at the arrival level of your terminal. If closed, use the alternate option, the self-serve kiosk machine. Otherwise, use rideshare apps, such as Uber and Lyft. Terminal A’s pickup area is located just outside and across the street. 

  • Inter-Terminal Transportation

No terminals at the LGA Airport are physically connected, so there is no provision to walk between them. However, it has an airport shuttle bus that service between terminals, parking areas, rental cars, and pick-up areas. Passengers can use this for free, and the fun part is that it takes only a few minutes to reach the desired place. Moreover, the bus arrives every 10 minutes at the stop, making it accessible for every traveler. 

In addition to the above facilities, passengers will find the following table of amenities inside the terminal premises. 

Charging PointsNursing PodsPet Relief AreaRestrooms Toilets for All Gender
ATMsWelcome CenterBooks & MagazinesChild Care SuppliesConvenience Stores
Duty-free StoresFamily Friendly Amenities Fashion and AccessoriesGifts and SouvenirsMetro Card
Travel EssentialsKid’s MenuCoffee and TeaGrab and GoRestaurants and bars
Airport MapGround TransportationLoungesMedical DepartmentCosmetics
Nail CareSpa Massage FacilitiesSleeping PodsWater Refilling Stations

Facilities Proposed by Frontier At LGA Terminal

Apart from terminal amenities, Frontier Airlines makes sure every service related to flight operations is present. There are ticket counters for purchasing fresh tickets, a check-in desk for boarding passes, and an information center for more assistance. Every facility works together to ensure a traveler has a streamlined airport experience. 

If you have a special request, you can forward it to the concerned counter. The staff is well-versed in the airline’s policies so they will guide you in the right direction. 

  • Flight Check-in

At the check-in counter, you will have to present your ticket confirmation number and last name to start the procedure. The staff will process your flight details and travel documents before issuing the boarding pass. 

  • Boarding Pass Printing

On board the plane, passengers have to present this pass at the departure gate to get entry. It contains information about your flight and related terminal. If you check in early through online means, you can print the boarding using the airport kiosk machine, skipping the long counter lines. 

  • Checked Baggage Submission

Passengers with checked baggage will have to stop by the counter to submit their items. The present authority will thoroughly inspect the bag’s weight and size according to the airline’s regulations. Additional charges will apply if the bag weighs or measures over the permitted limit. 

  • Security Screening

It is the most essential procedure for passengers’ safety and security. Every individual goes through the screening machine, as well as checked and carry-on items. This prevents prohibited items from entering the airplane and creates a secure environment for people on board. As per the frequent flyer reviews, the TSA staff conducts a speedy security screening.  

  • Information Desk

The primary purpose of the information desk is to provide genuine details about the airport and airline. This includes flight schedules, delays, cancellations, offered services, and safety regulations. Passengers in need of help can always trust the airline staff for assistance. Don’t wander around stressed out; seek the right people at the right time. 

  • Ticket Cancellation and Changes

We sometimes have to change or cancel flight tickets in case of emergencies and plan changes. In such scenarios, passengers can head to the airline counter at the airport and request to do the same. You just have to provide flight details and make pay charges, if any. 

  • Seat Selection and Upgradation

Frontier Airlines has a different seating option, but they recommend choosing one at the time of flight booking. Though, you can add one later after confirming the ticket. However, if you don’t, the airline will automatically assign random seats at the time of check-in. Additionally, you can request to upgrade to premium seats by paying a little extra. 

  • Add Onboard Entertainment

If you forget to add extra service at the time of booking, you can include them at the airport. The fee may vary from that of the online charges due to last-minute additions, but you still enjoy its benefits when flying with the airline. This includes adding extra checked baggage, purchasing special items, or adding pet travel. 

  • Pet Travels

Frontier allows passengers to travel with their paw friend, following safe and sound pet policies. The airline is committed to providing a secure environment for your critter. You can carry them on the flight as the airline doesn’t accept them as checked baggage. Refer to the airline staff for more specific information on this topic. 

Round Off!

In conclusion, Frontier Airlines LGA Terminal facilitates both domestic & international routes. Terminal A is responsible for managing flight arrival and departure with ease. Its amenities and additional services provide room for a more exciting and enjoyable travel experience. Always remember you can reach out to the airline staff whenever you need help. 

Common Passenger’s Queries

What terminal in LaGuardia is Frontier?

Frontier Airlines is at Terminal A of LaGuardia International Airport, managing international and domestic flights for its customers. 

How do I contact Frontier?

To contact Frontier, you can drop a message on their WhatsApp number – 720-902-3969. 

What is Terminal A in LaGuardia?

Terminal A, also known as the “Marine Air Terminal,” is located on the western side of the airport and serves Frontier Airlines.

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