Where does Avelo fly? Flights & Destinations Lists

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Avelo Airlines was founded in April 2021 and is relevantly new airline compared to others. But Avelo is making its name by offering affordable airline tickets to passengers across the country. In this blog, we will hunt where does avelo fly, and list all the destinations, routes, maps, and much more.

Avelo Airlines Destinations List

Avelo Airlines flies to 44 destinations, of which 43 destinations are in the USA & 1 in Puerto Rico.

Below is the List of Avelo Airlines Destinations:

Arcata / Eureka (ACV)Baltimore-Washington (BWI)
Binghamton (BGM)Boise (BOI)
Bozeman (BZN)Burbank (BUR)
Brownsville (BRO)Charleston (CHS)
Colorado Springs (COS)Chicago (MDW)
Daytona Beach (DAB)Dubuque (DBQ)
Eugene (EUG)Fort Myers (RSW)
Fort Lauderdale (FLL)Greenville / Spartanburg (GSP)
Kalamazoo / Battle Creek (AZO)Kalispell (FCA)
Lansing (LAN)Las Vegas (LAS)
Manchester (MHT)Medford (MFR)
Myrtle Beach (MYR)Mobile (BFM)
Melbourne (MLB)Nashville (BNA)
New Haven (HVN)Orlando (MCO)
Palm Springs (PSP)Pasco (PSC)
Redmond (RDM)Rochester (ROC)
Raleigh / Durham (RDU)Redding (RDD)
Salem (SLE)Sarasota / Bradenton (SRQ)
San Juan (SJU), Puerto RicoSanta Rosa (STS)
Savannah (SAV)Tampa (TPA)
Wausau (CWA)Wilmington (ILG)
West Palm Beach (PBI) 

Avelo Airlines Route Map

Here’s the route map of Avelo Airlines:

Avelo Airlines Route Map

Where does Avelo Fly to/from?

Here’s the list of Avelo Airlines destinations to cities & countries.

      • Puerto Rico – San Juan (SJU)

      • Melbourne (MLB)

      • Mobile (BFM)

      • Myrtle Beach (MYR)

      • Nashville (BNA)

      • New Haven (HVN)

      • New Haven (HVN)

      • Orlando (MCO)

      • Palm Springs (PSP)

      • Pasco (PSC)

      • Raleigh / Durham (RDU)

      • Redding (RDD)

      • Redmond (RDM)

      • Rochester (ROC)

      • Salem (SLE)

      • Santa Rosa (STS)

      • Sarasota / Bradenton (SRQ)

      • Savannah (SAV) 

      • Tampa (TPA)

      • Wausau (CWA)

      • West Palm Beach (PBI)

      • Wilmington (ILG)

        • Arcata/Eureka (ACV)

        • Baltimore-Washington (BWI)

        • Binghamton (BGM)

        • Boise (BOI)

        • Bozeman (BZN)

        • Brownsville (BRO)

        • Burbank (BUR)

        • Charleston (CHS)

        • Chicago (MDW)

        • Colorado Springs (COS)

        • Daytona Beach (DAB)

        • Dubuque (DBQ)

        • Eugene (EUG)

        • Fort Lauderdale (FLL)

        • Fort Myers (RSW)

        • Greenville / Spartanburg (GSP)

        • Kalamazoo / Battle Creek (AZO)

        • Kalispell (FCA)

        • Lansing (LAN)

        • Las Vegas (LAS)

        • Manchester (MHT)

        • Medford (MFR)

      Some Popular Routes of Avelo Airlines

          • Arcata/Eureka to Burbank ACV to BUR

          • Arcata/Eureka to Las Vegas ACV to LAS

          • Baltimore-Washington to New Haven BWI to HVN

          • Binghamton to Orlando BGM to MCO

          • Boise to Burbank BOI to BUR

          • Bozeman to Burbank BZN to BUR

          • Brownsville to Burbank BRO to BUR

          • Brownsville to Las Vegas BRO to LAS

          • Brownsville to Orlando BRO to MCO

          • Burbank to Arcata/Eureka BUR to ACV

          • Burbank to Boise BUR to BOI

          • Burbank to Bozeman BUR to BZN

          • Burbank to Brownsville BUR to BRO

          • Burbank to Colorado Springs BUR to COS

          • Burbank to Eugene BUR to EUG

          • Burbank to Kalispell BUR to FCA

          • Burbank to Medford BUR to MFR

          • Burbank to Pasco BUR to PSC

          • Burbank to Redding BUR to RDD

          • Burbank to Redmond BUR to RDM  

          • Burbank to Salem BUR to SLE

          • Burbank to Santa Rosa BUR to STS

          • Charleston to New Haven CHS to HVN

          • Charleston to Wilmington, DE CHS to ILG

          • Chicago to New Haven MDW to HVN

          • Colorado Springs to Burbank COS to BUR

          • Daytona Beach to New Haven AB to HVN

          • Daytona Beach to Wilmington, DE DAB to ILG

          • Dubuque to Las Vegas DBQ to LAS

          • Dubuque to Orlando DBQ to MCO

          • Eugene to Burbank EUG to BUR

          • Eugene to Palm Springs EUG to PSP

          • Fort Lauderdale to New Haven FLL to HVN

          • Fort Lauderdale to Wilmington, DE FLL to ILG

          • Fort Lauderdale to Wilmington, NC FLL to ILM

          • Fort Myers to New Haven RSW to HVN

          • Fort Myers to Raleigh/Durham RSW to RDU

          • Fort Myers to Wilmington, DE RSW to ILG

          • Greenville/Spartanburg to New Haven GSP to HVN

          • Greenville/Spartanburg to Wilmington, DE GSP to ILG 

          • Kalamazoo/Battle Creek to Orlando AZO to MCO

          • Kalispell to Burbank FCA to BUR

          • Lansing to Orlando LAN to MCO

          • Las Vegas to Arcata/Eureka AS to ACV

          • Las Vegas to Brownsville LAS to BRO

          • Las Vegas to Dubuque LAS to DBQ

          • Las Vegas to Redmond LAS to RDM

          • Las Vegas to Salem LAS to SLE

          • Las Vegas to Santa Rosa LAS to STS

          • Manchester to Raleigh/Durham MHT to RDU

          • Medford to Burbank MFR to BUR

          • Melbourne to New Haven MLB to HVN

          • Mobile to Orlando BFM to MCO

          • Myrtle Beach to New Haven MYR to HVN

          • Myrtle Beach to Wilmington, DE MYR to ILG

          • Nashville to New Haven BNA to HVN  

          • Nashville to Wilmington, DE BNA to ILG

          • New Haven to Baltimore-Washington HVN to BWI

          • New Haven to Charleston HVN to CHS

          • New Haven to Chicago HVN to MDW

          • New Haven to Daytona Beach HVN to DAB

          • New Haven to Fort Lauderdale HVN to FLL

          • New Haven to Fort Myers HVN to RSW

          • New Haven to Greenville/Spartanburg HVN to GSP

          • New Haven to Melbourne HVN to MLB

          • New Haven to Myrtle Beach HVN to MY

          •  New Haven to Nashville HVN to BNA

          • New Haven to Orlando HVN to MCO 

          • New Haven to Raleigh/Durham HVN to RDU

          • New Haven to San Juan HVN to SJU

          • New Haven to Sarasota/Bradenton HVN to SRQ

          • Wilmington, NC to Orlando ILM to MCO

            • New Haven to Savannah HVN to SAV

            • New Haven to Tampa HVN to TPA

            • New Haven to West Palm HVN to PBI

            • New Haven to Wilmington, NC HVN to ILM

            • Orlando to Binghamton MCO to BGM

            • Orlando to Brownsville MCO to BRO

            • Orlando to Dubuque MCO to DBQ

            • Orlando to Kalamazoo/Battle Creek MCO to AZO

            • Orlando to Lansing MCO to LAN

            • Orlando to Mobile MCO to BFM

            • Orlando to New Haven MCO to HVN 

            • Orlando to Raleigh/Durham MCO to RDU

            • Orlando to Wausau MCO to CWA

            • Orlando to Wilmington, DE MCO to ILG

            • Orlando to Wilmington, NC MCO to ILM

            • Palm Springs to Eugene PSP to EUG

            • Palm Springs to Redmond PSP to RDM

            • Palm Springs to Santa Rosa PSP to STS

            • Pasco to Burbank PSC to BUR

            • Raleigh/Durham to Fort DU to RSW

            • Raleigh/Durham to Manchester RDU to MHT

            • Raleigh/Durham to New Haven RDU to HVN

            • Raleigh/Durham to Orlando RDU to MCO

            • Raleigh/Durham to Rochester RDU to ROC

            • Raleigh/Durham to Sarasota/Bradenton RDU to SRQ

            • Raleigh/Durham to Tampa RDU to TPA

            • Raleigh/Durham to West Palm Beach RDU to PBI

            • Raleigh/Durham to Wilmington RDU to ILG

            • Redding to Burbank RDD to BUR

            • Redmond to Burbank RDM to BUR

            • Redmond to Las Vegas RDM to LAS

            • Redmond to Palm Springs RDM to PSP

            • Redmond to Santa Rosa RDM to STS

            • Rochester to Raleigh/Durham ROC to RDU

            • Salem to Burbank SLE to BUR

            • Salem to Las Vegas SLE to LAS

            • San Juan to New Haven SJU to HVN

            • San Juan to Wilmington, DE SJU to ILG

            • Santa Rosa to Burbank STS to BUR

            • Santa Rosa to Las Vegas STS to LA

            • Santa Rosa to Palm Springs STS to PSP

            • Santa Rosa to Redmond STS to RDM

            • Sarasota/Bradenton to New Haven SRQ to HVN

            • Sarasota/Bradenton to Raleigh/Durham SRQ to RDU

            • Sarasota/Bradenton to Wilmington, DE SRQ to ILG

            • Savannah to New Haven SAV to HVN

            • Tampa to Raleigh/Durham TPA to RDU

            • Tampa to Wilmington, DE PA to ILG

            • Tampa to Wilmington, NC TPA to ILM

            • Wausau to Orlando CWA to MCO

            • West Palm Beach to New Haven PBI to HVN

            • West Palm Beach to Raleigh/Durham PBI to RDU

            • West Palm Beach to Wilmington PBI to ILG

            • Wilmington, DE to Charleston ILG to CHS

            • Wilmington, DE to Daytona Beach ILG to DAB

            • Wilmington, DE to Fort Lauderdale ILG to FLL

            • Wilmington, DE to Fort Myers ILG to RSW

            • Wilmington, DE to Greenville/Spartanburg ILG to GSP

            • Wilmington, DE to Myrtle ILG to MYR

            • Wilmington, DE to Nashville ILG to BNA

            • Wilmington, DE to Orlando ILG to MCO

            • Wilmington, DE to Raleigh/Durham ILG to RDU

            • Wilmington, DE to San Juan ILG to SJU

            • Wilmington, DE to Sarasota/Bradenton ILG to SRQ

            • Wilmington, DE to Tampa ILG to TPA

            • Wilmington, DE to West Palm Beach ILG to PBI

            • Wilmington, DE to Wilmington, NC ILG to ILM

            • Wilmington, NC to Fort Lauderdale ILM to FLL

            • Wilmington, NC to New Haven ILM to HVN

            • Wilmington, NC to Wilmington, DE ILM to ILG

            • Wilmington, NC to Tampa ILM to TPA

          Things to Know Before Flying with Avelo Airlines

          Women At Airport

          1- Avelo Airlines doesn’t operate every day. It flies on some specific days. Make sure to check the schedule of the flight.

          2- Avelo only flies to 44 destinations. 43 in the US & 1 in Puerto Rico. It doesn’t fly everywhere.

          3- The staff of Avelo Airlines is Friendly and welcoming. 

          4- The seats of Avelo are not as luxurious as other airlines, they are okay.

          5- The size of carry on bag should be (56cm Length x 35cm Width x 22cm Height)

          6- All the fares of Avelo are flexible as compared to other airlines.


          How many locations does Avelo Fly to?

          Avelo Airlines flies to 44 destinations, 43 in the US & 1 in Puerto Rico.

          Avelo is from which Country?

          Aveo Airlines is an American low-cost airline headquartered in Houston, Texas.

          Which aeroplanes does Avelo use?

          Avelo airline uses, Boeing 737-800s having a single aisle design, with a seating capacity of 189 people & Boeing 737-700s with a seating capacity of 147 people.

          Can I purchase a round ticket with Avelo Airlines?

          Yes, you can do so by calling the customer care number or through official website.

          Does Avelo fly Internationally?

          Yes, Avelo Airlines currently flies internationally to 1 destination currently to & from Puerto Rico (San Juan).

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