Where Does Delta Fly Direct from NYC? Nonstop Flights & Destinations

If you are someone who is looking to fly from New York via Delta Airlines, then this information will give you the best idea of Where Does Delta Fly Direct from NYC. Delta Airlines offers 120+ destinations worldwide. In this blog, we will get information about all the destinations of Delta Airlines from NYC, from which terminals Delta flies from NYC & what aircraft Delta Airlines uses. 

Delta Airlines serves 2 major airports in NYC. These are – John F Kennedy International Airport (JFK) & LaGuardia Airport (LGA). Both of them offer various amenities to the passengers. We will talk about it later on in this blog. 

Passengers can also make use of Newark International Airport (EWR) which is close to NYC.

Where Does Delta Fly from NYC?

Let’s find out the terminals from which Delta Airlines fly from NYC (JFK & LGA Airport)

Delta Airlines flies from Terminal 4 of the JFK International Airport & Terminal C of the LaGuardia Airport.

Passengers can also fly from Terminal A of the Newark Liberty International Airport (The Newark airport is located in New Jersey, close to New York City).

Direct Delta Flights from NYC (JFK Airport)

When it comes to JFK Airport, Delta Airlines offers a wide number of flights. If you are planning to travel in the United States, Caribbean, or Europe, you can easily fly. Find the list of Delta flights from NYC (JFK Airport).

List of Nonstop Delta Flights from NYC (JFK Airport)

Here’s the list of all the destinations along with Durations, Flight & Days, Weekdays, Miles, and Destinations in which Delta Airlines flies from NYC’s JFK Airport.

Accra (ACC)9h 55m1S M T W T F S5137International
Amsterdam (AMS)7h 15m5-6S M T W T F S3653International
Aruba (AUA)4h 33m3-5S M T W T F S1968International
Athens (ATH)9h 55m3-4S M T W T F S4956International
Atlanta (ATL)  2h 37m11-13S M T W T F S763Domestic
Austin (AUS)4h 15m7-10S M T W T F S1527Domestic
Bangor (BGR)1h 36m1S M T W T F S384Domestic
Baltimore (BWI)3h 12m3S M T W T F S184Domestic
Barcelona (BCN)7h 40m4S M T W T F S3842International
Berlin (BER)8h 5m1-2S M T W T F S3992International
Bermuda (BDA)2h 20m4-5S M T W T F S766International
Bogota (BOG)5h 50m4S M T W T F S2496International
Boston (BOS)1h 22m16-19S M T W T F S187Domestic
Brussels (BRU)7h 30m2S M T W T F S3677International
Buenos Aires (EZE)11h 0m2-3S M T W T F S5332International
Buffalo (BUF)1h 34m9S M T W T F S302Domestic
Burlington (BTV)1h 22m4S M T W T F S268Domestic
Charleston (CHS)2h 20m4S M T W T F S640Domestic
Cancun (CUN)4h 16m5S M T W T F S1565International
Charlotte (CLT)2h 14m14-16S M T W T F S543Domestic
Chicago (ORD)2h 54m8-10S M T W T F S742Domestic
Cincinnati (CVG)2h 23m7S M T W T F S591Domestic
Cleveland (CLE)2h 5m6-7S M T W T F S426Domestic
Columbus (CMH)2h 3m6-7S M T W T F S484Domestic
Dakar (DSS)7h 50m1S M T W T F S3849International
Dallas (DFW)4h 7m7-8S M T W T F S1396Domestic
Denver (DEN)4h 39m3-4S M T W T F S1630Domestic
Dulles (IAD)1h 34m3S M T W T F S228Domestic
Dublin (DUB)6h 15m3-4S M T W T F S3186International
Detroit (DTW)2h 17m7S M T W T F S510Domestic
Edinburgh (EDI)6h 50m1S M T W T F S3265International
Fort Lauderdale (FLL)3h 14m9S M T W T F S1076Domestic
Fort Myers (RSW)1h 40m3S M T W T F S1082Domestic
Frankfurt (FRA)7h 40m4-5S M T W T F S3867International
Hong Kong (HKG)16h 5m3-4S M T W T F S8070International
Kansas City (MCI)3h 0m3-4S M T W T F S1092Domestic
Kingston (KIN)3h 58m2-4S M T W T F S1587International
Las Vegas (LAS) 5h 57m8-9S M T W T F S2255Domestic
Indianapolis (IND)2h 26m6-7S M T W T F S667Domestic
Jacksonville (JAX)2h 44m5-6S M T W T F S833Domestic
Martha’s Vineyard (MVY)8h 30m1S M T W T F S173Domestic
Lisbon (LIS)6h 55m2S M T W T F S3377International
London (LGW)6h 55m4S M T W T F S3479International
London (LHR)7h 2m23-25S M T W T F S3461International
Los Angeles (LAX)6h 17m25-31S M T W T F S2483Domestic
Madrid (MAD)7h 15m5-6S M T W T F S3600International
Montego Bay (MBJ)4h 4m3-4S M T W T F S1557International
Mexico City (MEX)5h 33m8S M T W T F S2102International
Miami (MIA) 3h 16m13-18S M T W T F S1097Domestic
Milan (MXP)8h 0m5-6S M T W T F S4006International
Milwaukee (MKE)2h 41m2S M T W T F S747Domestic
Minneapolis (MSP)3h 23m3-4S M T W T F S1009Domestic
Montreal (YUL)1h 37m4S M T W T F S335International
Nantucket (ACK)1h 8m2S M T W T F S199Domestic
Nashville (BNA)2h 40m6S M T W T F S768Domestic
Nassau (NAS)3h 0m3S M T W T F S1093International
New Orleans (MSY)   3h 23m3-4S M T W T F S1188Domestic
Norfolk (ORF)1h 31m8-9S M T W T F S291Domestic
Nice (NCE)1h 12m1S M T W T F S173Domestic
Orlando (MCO)3h 3m13-14S M T W T F S950Domestic
Paris (CDG)7h 20m11-12S M T W T F S3645International
Phoenix (PHX)5h 41m8-9S M T W T F S2160Domestic
Pittsburgh (PIT)1h 54m5-6S M T W T F S340 Domestic
Portland (PDX)6h 20m3-4 S M T W T F S2461Domestic
Portland (PWM)1h 30m4S M T W T F S274Domestic
Prague (PRG) 8h 25m1S M T W T F S4093International
Providenciales (PLS)3h 36m1S M T W T F S1314International
Punta Cana (PUJ)3h 56m4-5S M T W T F S1566International
Raleigh/Durham (RDU)1h 55m14-18S M T W T F S428Domestic
Reykjavik (KEF)5h 50m2-3S M T W T F S2601International
Richmond (RIC)1h 40m3S M T W T F S289Domestic
Rome (FCO)8h 35m 8-9S M T W T F S4290International
Rio de Janeiro (GIG)9h 40m 1S M T W T F S4830International
Rochester (ROC)1h 29m5S M T W T F S265Domestic
Salt Lake City (SLC)5h 28m5S M T W T F S1995Domestic
Saint Thomas (STT)14h 4mS M T W T F S1636International
San Diego (SAN)6h 15m6-8S M T W T F S2454Domestic
San Francisco (SFO)6h 40m18-26S M T W T F S2594Domestic
San Juan (SJU)3h 58m6S M T W T F S1610International
San Jose Cabo (SJD)6h 21m1S M T W T F S2419International
Santiago (STI)3h 44m8S M T W T F S1487International
Santo Domingo (SDQ)3h 56m8S M T W T F S1562International
Sao Paulo (GRU)9h 35m4S M T W T F S4788International
Savannah (SAV)2h 30m4S M T W T F S722Domestic
Seattle (SEA)6h 22m8-10S M T W T F S2428Domestic
Shanghai (PVG)14h 55m3-4S M T W T F S7382International
Sint Maarten (SXM)4h 2m1S M T W T F S1694International
St. Louis (STL)2h 44m3-4S M T W T F S888Domestic
Stockholm (ARN)8h 15m2S M T W T F S3931International
Syracuse (SYR)1h 20m4-5S M T W T F S209Domestic
Tampa (TPA)3h 6m6-7S M T W T F S1011Domestic
Tel Aviv-Yafo (TLV)10h 30m3-8S M T W T F S5696International
Tokyo (NRT)13h 55m3-4S M T W T F S6754International
Toronto (YYZ)1h 54m9-11S M T W T F S368International
Venice (VCE)8h 30m3-4S M T W T F S4166International
Washington (DCA)1h 36m10-11S M T W T F S213Domestic
West Palm Beach (PBI)3h 3m5-6S M T W T F S1035Domestic
Zurich (ZRH)7h 45m2S M T W T F S3942International

From what terminal does Delta fly from NYC JFK Airport?

Delta Airlines departs from Terminal 4 of the JFK International Airport. You should also consider the following information:

  • Delta One/Sky Priority® passengers have to use the drop-off location at Zone B. 
  • Passengers apart from the Delta One/Sky Priority® have to use Zones C and D for drop-off.
  • Use the arrivals level drop-off and head to security if you’re not checking a bag.

What are the Delta Destinations from NYC (JFK Airport) ?

airline taking off

Delta airlines fly to the following destinations (countries) from the NYC (JFK) Airport:

  • Argentina
  • Aruba
  • Belgium
  • Bermuda
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Dominican Republic
  • France
  • Germany
  • Ghana
  • Greece
  • Holland
  • Iceland
  • Ireland
  • Israel
  • Italy
  • Jamaica
  • Mexico
  • Netherlands
  • Portugal
  • Puerto Rico
  • Senegal 
  • Spain 
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • The U.S. Virgin Islands
  • The United Kingdom 
  • Turks & Caicos Islands

Direct Delta Flights from New York (LGA Airport)

Delta airlines flies to 75 destinations all around the world from the LaGuardia Airport (LGA). 

List of Delta Nonstop Flights from New York (LGA Airport)

Finds all the destinations of Delta Airlines from the New York (LGA) Airport. Below along with the flight durations, fight days, miles, and route.

Albany (ALB)  1h 9m1-2SMTWTFS136Domestic
Asheville (AVL) 2h 16m2-3SMTWTFS601Domestic
Atlanta (ATL)2h 39m15-23SMTWTFS765Domestic
Bangor (BGR)1h 42m1-2SMTWTFS380Domestic
Binghamton (BGM)1h 9m1-2SMTWTFS147Domestic
Birmingham (BHM)2h 49m1-4SMTWTFS870Domestic
Boston (BOS)1h 24m5-25SMTWTFS185Domestic
Buffalo (BUF)1h 31m3-6SMTWTFS292Domestic
Burlington (BTV)1h 29m1-2SMTWTFS259Domestic
Charleston (CHS)2h 19m4-5SMTWTFS645Domestic
Charlotte (CLT)2h 15m10-15SMTWTFS546Domestic
Charlottesville (CHO)1h 35m2-5SMTWTFS306Domestic
Chicago (ORD)2h 42m17-25SMTWTFS735Domestic
Cincinnati (CVG)2h 22m3-8SMTWTFS587Domestic
Cleveland (CLE)1h 53m3-8SMTWTFS419Domestic
Columbia (CAE)2h 9m1-3SMTWTFS620Domestic
Columbus (CMH)2h 0m4-10SMTWTFS479Domestic
Dallas (DFW)4h 5m10-18SMTWTFS1394Domestic
Dayton (DAY) 2h 7m1SMTWTFS550Domestic
Denver (DEN)4h 34m10-16SMTWTFS1624Domestic
Des Moines (DSM)3h 14m3SMTWTFS1033Domestic
Detroit (DTW)2h 6m10-13SMTWTFS502Domestic
Fort Lauderdale (FLL)3h 15m11-13 SMTWTFS1083Domestic
Fort Myers (RSW)3h 22m3SMTWTFS1088Domestic
Grand Rapids (GRR)2h 17m2-4SMTWTFS619Domestic
Greensboro/High Point (GSO)2h 1m3-8SMTWTFS463Domestic
Greenville (GSP)2h 11m2-5SMTWTFS612Domestic
Hartford (BDL)1h 6m2SMTWTFS101Domestic
Hilton Head (HHH)  2h 26m1SMTWTFS705Domestic
Houston (IAH)4h 14m7-13SMTWTFS1422Domestic
Indianapolis (IND)2h 28m4-9SMTWTFS662Domestic
Jacksonville (JAX)2h 43m2-4SMTWTFS838Domestic
Kansas City (MCI)3h 20m3-8SMTWTFS1111Domestic
Key West (EYW)3h 45m1SMTWTFS1216Domestic
Knoxville (TYS)2h 23m2-4SMTWTFS650Domestic
Las Vegas (LAS)5h 45m1SMTWTFS2249Domestic
Little Rock (LIT)3h 19m2SMTWTFS1089Domestic
Los Angeles (LAX)6h 10m1SMTWTFS2477Domestic
Louisville (SDF)2h 33m2-5SMTWTFS660Domestic
Madison (MSN)2h 39m1-2SMTWTFS814Domestic
Martha’s Vineyard (MVY)1h 17m1SMTWTFS175Domestic
Memphis (MEM)3h 6m2-5SMTWTFS966Domestic
Miami (MIA)3h 18m10-14SMTWTFS1104Domestic
Minneapolis (MSP)3h 14m5-7SMTWTFS1023Domestic
Milwaukee (MKE)2h 28m2-4SMTWTFS740Domestic
Montreal (YUL)1h 38m9-14 SMTWTFS325International
Myrtle Beach (MYR)2h 8m2-3SMTWTFS566Domestic
Nantucket (ACK)1h 17m1SMTWTFS202Domestic
Nashville (BNA)2h 40m8-15SMTWTFS767Domestic
Nassau (NAS)3h 14m1SMTWTFS1113International
New Orleans (MSY) 3h 32m4-5SMTWTFS1189Domestic
Norfolk (ORF)1h 34m2-6SMTWTFS297Domestic
Oklahoma City (OKC)3h 57m2-3SMTWTFS1345Domestic
Omaha (OMA)3h 15m2-6SMTWTFS1151Domestic
Orlando (MCO)3h 1m13-15SMTWTFS956Domestic
Pensacola (PNS)3h 12m1SMTWTFS1035Domestic
Phoenix (PHX)5h 27m1SMTWTFS2155Domestic
Pittsburgh (PIT)1h 42m3-9SMTWTFS335Domestic
Portland (PWM)1h 32m3-4SMTWTFS270Domestic
Providence (PVD)1h 11m1-2SMTWTFS143Domestic
Raleigh/Durham (RDU)1h 56m4-13SMTWTFS432Domestic
Richmond (RIC)1h 37m3-6SMTWTFS293Domestic
Roanoke (ROA)1h 49m2SMTWTFS407Domestic
Rochester (ROC)1h 32m1-3SMTWTFS254Domestic
Saint Louis (STL)2h 56m4-12SMTWTFS890Domestic
Salt Lake City (SLC)5h 35m1SMTWTFS1988Domestic
Sarasota (SRQ)3h 8m1SMTWTFS1054Domestic
Savannah (SAV)2h 29m3SMTWTFS726Domestic
South Bend (SBN)2h 24m1SMTWTFS652Domestic
Syracuse (SYR)1h 20m1-2SMTWTFS198Domestic
Tampa (TPA)3h 7m5-8SMTWTFS1017Domestic
Toronto (YYZ)1h 50m15-24SMTWTFS358International
Traverse City (TVC)2h 24m1SMTWTFS656Domestic
Tulsa (TUL)3h 46m1SMTWTFS1235Domestic
Washington (DCA)1h 29m7-15SMTWTFS215Domestic
West Palm Beach (PBI)3h 7m6-8SMTWTFS1042Domestic
Wilmington (ILM)2h 0m2-5SMTWTFS503Domestic
Worcester (ORH)1h 5m1SMTWTFS146Domestic

What terminal does Delta fly from NYC LaGuardia Airport?

From the LGA Airport, Delta Airlines flies from Terminal C. Terminal C at LGA Airport has 36 full-service check-in counters.

Which aircraft does Delta fly with from New York LGA?

Delta flies the following aircraft (Code 220) from New York LGA:

  • Boeing 717/737
  • Airbus A31X/32X
  • Bombardier CRJ/Challenger
  • Embraer 19X/17X

Direct Delta Flights from Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR)

Delta flies directly to the following cities from Newark Liberty International Airport, New Jersey:

List of Delta Nonstop Flights from EWR

Delta airlines flies to 7 nonstop destinations from the Newark International Airport (EWR). A list of these destinations is shown below:

Atlanta (ATL)2h 27m15-20S M T W T F S749Domestic
Boston (BOS)1h 16m11-14S M T W T F S201Domestic
Detroit (DET)1h 59m11-14S M T W T F S489Domestic
Raleigh/Durham (RDU)1h 48m7-10S M T W T F S418Domestic
Minneapolis (MSP)3h 4m6-9S M T W T F S1011Domestic
Cincinnati (CVG)2h 11m6-10S M T W T F S570Domestic
Salt Lake City (SLC)5h 11m3S M T W T F S1974Domestic

What terminal does Delta fly out of at Newark Liberty International Airport?

Delta Airlines flies out of Terminal A from the Newark International Airport (EWR).  Check-in for the same can be done from Level 2.

Which countries can I fly to nonstop with Delta from near New York (EWR)?

Delta Airlines only flies within the United States from Newark Airport (EWT) to New Jersey (Near NYC).

Which aircraft does Delta fly with from EWR?

airlines flying

Delta flies the following aircraft (Code 220) from EWR:

  • Boeing 717
  • Boeing 737
  • Airbus A31X/32X
  • Bombardier CRJ/Challenger
  • Embraer 19X/17X

Popular Delta Routes from NYC

Here are some of the popular routes of Delta Airlines from the NYC.

  1. Atlanta : As one of the prime hub of Delta Airlines, It is one of the most significant and popular destination among the travelers. 
  2. Los Angeles (LA) : This airlines connect East coast with the West Coast. This is an ideal destinations for leisure and business.
  3. San Francisco, CA (SFO) : It is another major route for tourists..
  4. Miami, FL (MIA) : Miami is a destination for vacationers and business travelers.
  5. Chicago, IL (ORD) : Chicago is a major hub in the Midwest. It connects the travelers to coasts.
  6. Denver, CO (DEN) : Denver is another Gateway to the Rocky Mountains and the American Midwest.
  7. Dallas, TX (DFW) : It has one of the most significant Southern hubs with growing economic importance.
  8. Minneapolis, MN (MSP). A key northern hub for Delta and a gateway to Canada and the Midwest.

Popular International Destinations from NYC via Delta

  1. Amsterdam, Netherlands (AMS). Serving as a crucial European hub for Delta and its partners.
  2. London, UK (LHR). An essential transatlantic route connecting two of the world’s major financial centers.
  3. Paris, France (CDG). A major European hub and a favored destination for tourism.
  4. Tokyo, Japan (HND/NRT). The primary route to Asia is significant for business and tourism.
  5. Mumbai, India (BOM). Reflecting the growing economic ties and diaspora connections between the two countries.
  6. Shanghai, China (PVG). A vital route for business travelers and those connecting deeper into Asia.
  7. São Paulo, Brazil (GRU). The main gateway to South America.
  8. Rome, Italy (FCO). A major tourist destination and a connection to Southern Europe.
  9. Tel Aviv, Israel (TLV). With growing economic and cultural ties, this route has seen increasing importance.
  10. Mexico City, Mexico (MEX). As the closest international hub, it’s a vital route for business and leisure travelers alike.

Frequently Asked Questions About Where Does Delta Fly from NYC

Here are some Frequently asked questions about Where Does Delta fly from NYC.

What is the IATA code for Delta Airlines?

The IATA code for Delta Airlines is- DL.

Where does Delta fly Non-stop from NYC?

Delta Airlines flies to various destinations from JFK & LGA Airport. From JFK International Airport, Delta Airlines flies to – 99 destinations across 32 countries. From JFK Airport, Delta Airlines flies to 78 destinations. Most are within the United States.  

What airports from NYC does Delta operate from? 

Delta Airlines operates from JFK & LGA airport in NYC. Passengers can also choose EWR (Newark Airport) from New Jersey, which is close to NYC.

How to book a flight for Delta Airlines from NYC?

You can book flight tickets from their official website, mobile app, travel agents or customer service.

Where does Delta Fly from NYC to Europe?

Delta Airlines flies from NYC to Europe to the following destinations:

1- The United Kingdom 

2- Ireland

3- Denmark

4- France

5- Germany

6- Greece

7- Holland

8- Belgium

9- Czech Republic

10- Italy

11- Netherlands

12- Portugal

13- Spain 

14- Sweden

15- Switzerland

Where does Delta fly from NYC to India?

Delta airlines flies to following destinations in India – Mumbai, Delhi & Bangalore.

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