Where Does Frontier Fly from Dallas? (DFW) International & Domestic Destinations Lists

Looking for a great flight option from Dallas (DFW), Frontier Airlines could be the best option for you. Frontier Airlines offers a great range of flights to a vast network of destinations. With Frontier Airlines, one can fly to various number of destinations in the US and other parts of the world. In this article, we will take a dig at Where Does Frontier Fly from Dallas, its destinations, and the cities it flies from. 


Frontier Airlines DFW Departures

Currently, Frontier Airlines flies to 20 destinations directly from the DFW Airport. Here is the list of all the destinations — along with Time durations, Frequently in a week and weekdays.

Direct Frontier Flights from Dallas, DFW

S. No.DestinationDurationFlights/DayMilesWeekdaysRoute
1New York (LGA)3h 30m15-301394SMTWTFSDomestic
2Las Vegas (LAS)2h 57m23-301059SMTWTFSDomestic
3Denver (DEN)2h 9m23-27644SMTWTFSDomestic
4Orlando (MCO)2h 40m16-23987SMTWTFSDomestic
5Atlanta (ATL)2h 9m17-24733SMTWTFSDomestic
6Phoenix (PHX)2h 41m18-23870SMTWTFSDomestic
7Miami (MIA)2h 51m18-201126SMTWTFSDomestic
8Santa Ana (SNA)3h 19m14-181209SMTWTFSDomestic
9San Diego (SAN)3h 10m13-161174SMTWTFSDomestic
10Philadelphia (PHL)3h 14m12-171307SMTWTFSDomestic
11San Francisco (SFO)3h 52m9-161469SMTWTFSDomestic
12Tampa (TPA)2h 25m11-15932SMTWTFSDomestic
13Cancun (CUN)2h 43m10-141036SMTWTFSInternational
14Ontario (ONT)3h 17m9-121192SMTWTFSDomestic
15Raleigh/Durham (RDU)2h 43m7-111065SMTWTFSDomestic
16Cleveland (CLE)2h 39m7-101025SMTWTFSDomestic
17Cincinnati (CVG)2h 15m6-12815SMTWTFSDomestic
18Baltimore (BWI)2h 57m6-101221SMTWTFSDomestic
19Chicago (MDW)2h 20m2-5801SMTWTFSDomestic
20San Juan (SJU)4h 44m2-42175SMTWTFSInternational

Direct Frontier Flights from Dallas Key-Points

Passengers need to keep certain points in mind while flying from Dallas Directly

  • Flight Duration
    • The longest direct flight from Dallas is of 4h 44m to San Juan.
    • The shortest direct flight from Dallas is 2h 9m to Denver.
  • Flight Distance
    • The maximum distance for a direct flight from Dallas is 2175 miles to San Juan.
    • The minimum distance for a direct flight from Dallas is 644 miles to Denver.
  • Weekday Flights
    • Frontier flies directly from Dallas to all 20 destinations ( All Weekdays) 
  • Weekday Flights
    • Frontier flies directly from Dallas to all 20 destinations on  ( All Weekdays) 

Frontier Airlines Flights to Dallas

Frontier Airlines flies to Dallas from several domestic and international destinations, these are:

Domestic Frontier Flights to Dallas International Frontier Flights to Dallas
Atlanta, GA Cancun, Mexico
Baltimore, MD San Juan, Puerto Rico
Chicago, IL Montego Bay, Jamaica
Cincinnati, OH  
Cleveland, OH  
Denver, CO  
Las Vegas, NV  
Miami, FL  
New York City, NY  
Ontario/LA, CA  
Orlando, FL  
Philadelphia, PA  
Phoenix, AZ  
Raleigh, NC  
San Diego, CA  
San Francisco, CA  
Santa Ana, CA  
Tampa, FL 

10 Things to Know About Frontier Airlines 


1- From the DFW Airport, Frontier airlines operates from Terminal E. It is also recommended to always check the boarding pass for up-to-date information.

2- To checin in for Domestic flights, passenger should arrive at least 2 hours before the departure and for the International flights passenger should arrive at least 3 hours before the departure.

3- Passengers should also go through the Baggage policy (related to baggage fee for carry on or checked baggage) to avoid any kind of unexpected charges at last moment.

3- Passengers can check in 24 hours before the departure time of the flights from Dallas.

4- Passengers can also choose seats they want in advance by paying a fee. Passengers can also have a seat assigned at the check-in without paying extra.

5- Frontier’s membership program i.e. Discount Den offers exclusive access to lowest fares of the airlines.

6- Always check your flight status before leaving to the airport, this can be done by visiting the official website of the airlines, through mobile app or DFW airport website.

7- While Frontier is a budget airline, flight amenities like snacks, beverages, in-flight entertainment comes with an additional cost.

8- If you are facing any issues, then make sure to contact the customer service at the airport.

It is recommended for you to check specific details while heading towards the airport. Make sure to check the details related to policies of Frontier Airlines.

Faq’s on Where Does Frontier Fly from Dallas

What Gate is Frontier at DFW?

Frontier airlines Check-in and departs from Terminal E, Near Gate E-20 (Level 1)

How many Frontier Destinations from DFW?

Frontier Airlines flies to 20 destinations from DFW airport.

Which terminal is Frontier at DFW International Airport?

Frontier Airlines is at Terminal E at the DFW International Airport.

Does Frontier Airlines fly to Dallas from other locations?

Yes, Frontier Airlines flies to Dallas from international and domestic cities. These are:

Domestic Frontier Flights to Dallas 
– Atlanta, GA 
– Baltimore, MD 
– Chicago, IL 
– Cincinnati, OH 
– Cleveland, OH 
– Denver, CO 
– Las Vegas, NV 
– Miami, FL 
– New York City, NY 
– Ontario/LA, CA 
– Orlando, FL 
– Philadelphia, PA 
– Phoenix, AZ 
– Raleigh, NC 
– San Diego, CA 
– San Francisco, CA 
– Santa Ana, CA 
– Tampa, FL

International Frontier Flights to Dallas
– Cancun, Mexico
– San Juan, Puerto Rico
– Montego Bay, Jamaica

Where does Frontier Airlines fly internationally nonstop?

Frontier Airlines flies to San Juan (Puerto Rico) & Cancun (Mexico) without any stops.

How frequently does Frontier Airlines fly out from Dallas Airport?

Frontier Airlines flies out from Dallas every day in the week.

What’s the Frontier Airlines flight duration when flying out of Dallas?

Frontier Airlines flies daily out of Dallas. The shortest direct flight from Dallas is 2h 9m to Denver and the longest direct flight from Dallas is of 4h 44m to San Juan.

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